The Silent Saboteurs: 10 Health Risks You Never Saw Coming

Several diseases are challenging yet unknown to the world. Understanding such hazardous diseases can lessen the chances of getting affected. Even people come to know about such diseases when they have become worse or incurable. Let's enlighten some helpful health risks. People should be aware of these and avoid the habits that lead to major disasters.

Night Shifts

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Working night shifts and not getting enough time for sleep leads to several health risks. A nurse shared online that she worked at night for approximately six months. Due to a severe irregular sleep cycle, I had to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Many freelancers also shared that they worked late nights, which affected their health badly.

Chronic Stress

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A significant risk for both mental and physical health. A woman shared that she used to put all her efforts into performing best at her job and kept her health aside. Eventually, she started to get irritated all day and couldn't do simple tasks at the office. Her immunity was also affected, and she became extremely lazy due to a lack of proper food intake. Her Dr. elaborated on her situation, and she was shocked that her body could be affected so badly just because of stress.

Bladder Issues

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Well, it's an ignored health risk, especially among the working class. For instance, a woman shared that she tried to hold her urine during work and avoided drinking water during working hours. It led to extended periods and other bladder problems. Her Doctor asked her not to sit for continuous hours and hold the urine. She was also asked to drink water adequately to avoid bladder issues.

Risk of Kidney Stones at a Certain Age

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The increase after the age of forty. A man shared that he hasn't had the habit of drinking water. Not only this, he used to smoke. He ignored high salt intake and certain minerals in his diet. Gradually, he suffered from continuous pain in the right side of the abdomen. He ignored it for a few weeks but ended up with a kidney stone diagnosis. 

Allergies from Food

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People ignore the aspect of hygiene or the effect of certain foods. A student shared that our college group used to go out daily to check new restaurants in the city. She didn't know she could be allergic to any food. One day, when she was enjoying the sea, she felt her tongue and an allergic reaction in her body. She came to know she couldn't eat certain items from seafood anymore.


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Anxiety, stress, and depression are common, but people don't know their symptoms mostly. For example, an employee shared that her coworker was suffering from it but didn't know it could be depression. He convinced her to pay a visit to the Doctor, and she was a severe depression patient. Mostly, a depressed person may look more than normal in appearance. They could be loved ones, family members, or even closest friends.

Dealing with Trauma

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Childhood traumas are far more dangerous for health than they seem. A boy shared that he saw the death of his father in childhood when he was five or six years old. He said he couldn't even stand near the funerals or dead bodies until his thirties. He used to blame himself for his father's death without any reason. He introverted himself and didn't make friends until he went to college.

Environmental Diseases

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Certain places or environments can become a silent health risk. A woman shared the story of her exposure to a polluted place and toxins. She had to stay there for a week. From the very next week, she found difficulty in breathing and rashes around her eyes. When she came back, she realized that her breathing was getting better. She checked the health index of that place, and to her surprise, it was a polluted environmental area.

Non Communicable Diseases

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It simply refers to a disease caused through a non-infectious process, such as cancer, diabetes, etc. It's common in women. A breast cancer survivor shared that she could have avoided the painful treatment if she had paid attention to regular checkups and tests. People should attend yearly physical health tests and checkups to avoid serious health risks.

Impact of Social Isolation

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An underestimated health risk that affects mental, physical, and emotional health. A mother shared that her son kept him isolated and never tried to greet anybody when he was a kid. She realized that her son couldn't express his emotions and feelings even in front of siblings and parents. Social isolation was making him stick to his room and bed. She got help from counselors and convinced him not to be afraid of socializing. Her son felt better after.

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