10 Things Boomers Say to Gen Z That They Hate

The generation gap between Boomers and Gen Z is more apparent than ever before. With different worldviews and life experiences, it's no surprise that there are certain things that Gen Z is sick of hearing from Boomers. Recently on an online platform, people have shared some of the most annoying things that Boomers say to Gen Z and how they can be reframed for a more respectful conversation between generations.

1. Gen Z's Annoyance With Boomer Job Advice

Tired of hearing outdated advice from Boomers, one Gen Z-er vented their frustration at their lack of insight into the modern workforce. With some Boomers having spent 30 years in unionized positions, they need to be in touch with the current job market, rendering their advice useless. Moreover, suggesting old-fashioned job search techniques like handshakes and resume drops in today's digital age is impractical and often ineffective.

2. Housing Affordability Debate With Parents

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An annoyed user found themselves in a heated argument with their mother over the cost of housing. Despite their mother's insistence that they should be able to afford a home on their current income, the user argued that times have changed, and the housing market is more expensive and competitive than ever before. The user lamented that homes within their price range are often smaller and further from their desired location.

3. Young People Can Have Physical Disabilities, Too!

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Somebody expressed frustration with the misconception that physical disabilities only affect older people. They argued that physical ailments are not exclusive to age and that stereotypes perpetuating such beliefs are harmful. Back pain is a common issue among young people due to poor posture, sedentary lifestyles, and injuries, so addressing and eliminating these stereotypes is essential.

4. Ageism and Health Issues: A Millennial's Perspective

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Feeling frustrated and overlooked, a disabled 29-year-old individual expressed annoyance with older people assuming that joint pain and tiredness are only associated with aging. They have been living with chronic illness and bad joints since birth and feel it's unfair for others to assume their health problems are solely related to their age.

5. Emotional Rants From “Life Experience” Elders

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Sick of hearing the phrase “I have more life experience than you,” an exasperated soul pointed out that age does not necessarily equate to emotional maturity or a deeper understanding of the world. Many individuals have lived for decades, but unresolved traumas and biases may cloud their judgment. The user suggested we should avoid using age as a measure of knowledge and instead judge people based on their actions and insights.

6. Is Anyone Interested in Entry-level Jobs Anymore?

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A disillusioned member of Gen Z has grown tired of hearing the same old complaint from baby boomers that “no one wants to work anymore.” They argue that work has never been inherently fun and that “work” speaks for itself. The user further contends that the problem may not be that people don't want to work but rather that they are uninterested in taking jobs advertised as “entry-level” that require years of experience and a master's degree while only offering minimum wage for long and arduous 12-hour shifts.

7. The Fallacy of “Age Equals Wisdom”

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It's common to hear someone say, “When you're older, you'll agree with me,” but one individual expressed frustration with this cliché phrase. They found it annoying that people assume age equates to wisdom and that older individuals always know best. The commenter believes that each person grows up in different circumstances and experiences, making it unfair to dismiss someone's logical points solely based on age.

8. Pressure To Have Children From Older Generations

An exasperated contributor had had enough of older women who incessantly inquire about their childbearing plans, using examples like “When I was your age, I already had 5 kids and two grandchildren” or “My granddaughter is your age, and she already has 3 kids.” Despite being 30, the user still faces these intrusive questions and finds it draining to explain their reasons for not having children yet. Despite providing reasonable explanations like career goals or saving up, they still face judgment and outdated beliefs. Therefore, the user has become straightforward in their responses.

9. The Art of Loud Conversation

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This person is frustrated with older people accusing them of eavesdropping when, in reality, the older folks were speaking loudly due to their hearing difficulties. The user clarified that they were not intentionally listening in on private conversations but were close to the loudspeakers.

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10. The Internet: A Reliable Source for Boomers and Gen Xers

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The oft-repeated phrase “Don't believe everything you see on the internet” is something that a participant is familiar with. As a teenager in the late 90s, their parents frequently reminded them of this advice. However, now that they are older, the user finds themselves giving the same advice to their parents who have fallen prey to misinformation and fake news spread across various social media platforms.

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