10 Common Habits Most People Do That Are Rarely Discussed

Here are some things that everyone does that are not usually discussed.

1. Reading Comments/Texts Multiple Times

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Offering a humorous observation, one user astutely points out the common behavior of repeatedly reading comments or texts after sending them. They playfully suggest that people indulge in this practice to bask in the glory of their own written expression, relishing the feeling of being a modern-day Shakespeare, crafting masterpieces with their words.

2. Revisiting Embarrassing Moments

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Reflecting on the quirks of human memory, a person candidly acknowledges the tendency to dwell on embarrassing moments from the past. They share a personal experience of frequently experiencing flashbacks to cringe-worthy incidents from their primary school days, even after two decades have passed. With a mix of self-awareness and self-compassion, the user contemplates the realization that they are likely the only one who still remembers those moments, gently urging themselves to release the lingering embarrassment and move forward.

3. Complaining About Speeding and Hurrying

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Unmasking a common behavior, an individual shines a light on the hypocrisy surrounding complaints about speeding. They astutely point out the all-too-familiar scenario where individuals accuse others of driving too fast without a valid reason, only to give themselves a pass when they are the ones in a hurry for something they consider genuinely important. With a touch of irony, the user humorously exposes the double standards at play in our daily lives.

4. Profanity: Kids vs. Adults

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Exploring an intriguing interplay between generations, a commenter uncovers a fascinating dynamic regarding the use of profanity. They keenly observe that children often conceal their profanity from adults, while adults, in turn, try to hide their choice of words when in the presence of children. The user playfully suggests that both sides participate in this unspoken agreement to maintain the illusion that they are oblivious to each other's knowledge of profanity, creating a delicate dance between the two groups.

5. The Taboo Topic: Going Number 2

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Fearlessly broaching a taboo topic, someone fearlessly dives into the realm of restroom usage. They courageously point out the peculiar social stigma surrounding this entirely natural bodily function. Sharing anecdotes of individuals going to great lengths to avoid being associated with the act of using the restroom, the user humorously highlights the absurdity of our collective reluctance to acknowledge this universal experience openly.

6. Daydreaming About Childish Stuff

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Offering a glimpse into the whimsical realm of daydreams, another user candidly confesses their penchant for indulging in seemingly childish fantasies. They unravel the common scenario where someone asks what they were thinking, and despite appearing lost in thought, they reply with “nothing.” With a touch of whimsy, the user unveils that during those moments, their mind is far from empty but instead captivated by vivid daydreams where they become race car drivers, astronauts, or participants in exhilarating adventures.

7. Ignoring Videos and Memes Sent via Text

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Shedding light on a common social fib, a commenter boldly exposes the practice of lying about watching videos or viewing memes sent via text. They openly admit that this dishonesty stems from a lack of interest or motivation to engage with the content at that particular moment, revealing a relatable tendency to prioritize personal preferences without explicitly stating the truth.

8. Googling Unrecognizable Numbers

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Lifting the veil on a familiar habit, one contributor openly confesses to Googling an unknown phone number instead of answering the call directly. They amusingly attribute this behavior to the curiosity-driven desire to gather information about the caller before deciding whether to respond. With a nod to our information-seeking nature, the user playfully acknowledges the allure of unveiling the caller's identity from the safety of a search engine.

9. The Silent Pact: Ignoring Fart Odors

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Tackling an unspoken agreement, another user in the thread fearlessly addresses the situation of public flatulence or being in a room with just one other person when an unpleasant odor arises. They highlight the shared experience of both individuals discreetly pretending that their sense of smell has vanished into thin air, despite the unmistakable presence of the odor. With a touch of comedic relief, the user playfully points out the unspoken pact to maintain social decorum by collectively ignoring the smell and delicately sidestepping its origin.

10. Polite Lies in Conversations

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Illuminating a common social façade, a participant candidly draws attention to lying in response to inquiries such as “How are you?” or “Do you need help?” They openly acknowledge the prevalent tendency for individuals to provide false or insincere responses, often concealing their true feelings or needs. With a gentle reminder of our human inclination to protect our vulnerabilities, the user humorously uncovers the intricate dance of social pleasantries that sometimes veer away from authenticity.

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