“If She Does That She’s Creepy “10 Ways Women Can Be Creepy Too

When we think of creepy behavior, our minds often conjure images of men lurking in the shadows or engaging in questionable actions. However, it's essential to acknowledge that creepy behavior is not confined to any specific gender. Just like their male counterparts, women are also capable of displaying actions that can evoke discomfort, unease, or a sense of intrusion.

1. Asking if Anyone Flirted With Them

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“Always asking if i got flirted with, no matter where I go. ‘Did anyone flint with you?' ‘What the heck. Its flag football. Who would flirt with me at flag football.'” one guy said. Another shared, “I had an ex like this. I would tell her I'm going to work and that I'll text her on break and she'd always say, “Don't be flirting with nobody while you're there.” First off I'm there to work. Second off we both know the common age of people who ate there is about 30 years older than I was at the time. Dumb girls man. I would just be trying to make money and now I'm getting accused of cheating and/or flirting with people literally 30 years older than me.”

2. Baby Voice/Behavior

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“One annoying girl that unfortunately hung out with my friend group kept doing this to my friend (I think she liked him). I proceeded to baby voice at my friend immediately after she did it. It killed it pretty quickly,” one guy shared. Another added, “A friend and I game quite often and voice chat over discord. He never has push to talk on and I can hear him and his gf having baby voice conversations. Needless to say when that starts, I either mute them or bail as I feel the need to vomit.”

3. Telling Other People's Sons That They're Going to Break Hearts

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“Tell me that my almost 2 year old son is so handsome and going to break hearts.. If I rolled up to a park and told a mom how good looking her daughter was and that all the boys are going to want her they'd call the cops,” one guy said. Another added, “As a mother of 10 month old boy, completely agree, and this is a response that actually is relevant to especially women being creepy.”

4. Sending Screenshots of Private Conversations to Family and Friends

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“Not exclusively a woman thing, but my ex would screenshot our text conversations and send them to her family and friends for reaction. Like mundane conversations, not even anything interesting. It felt like a very creepy violation of my privacy. Also, she was an idiot. Hope you see this Laura,” one guy quipped.

Another shared, “y friend does this with our conversations and her boyfriend's. I've mentioned a few times that I hate it. I'm not sure if she thinks I'm joking or just doesn't care, but it honestly really bugs me. That and taking pictures of us when we aren't expecting it so she can embarrass us later. It boils my blood honestly.”

5. GPS Tracking

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“That's a serious trust issue. Yes, it is annoying,” one guy said. Another shared, “Had an ex turn on my snapchat map location. I didn't even know snap had a map at the time and always wondered how the ex knew where I was all the time.”

6. Describing Men Using Only Surface-Level Attributes

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“I have a friend that whenever she starts dating a guy, just lists me off thing about the dude like she's listing a resume. Never anything about the personality or sense of humor or what characteristics about them she enjoys. It's job, career, college, earnings, house. I had to tell her it was getting creepy because it just sounds like she's getting a checklist to impress people, not find a good person for her,” one person said.

Another person added, “I was dropping my kid off at my ex's place and her new boyfriend was there. She introduced him by saying ‘This is Dan he works at Whereveritwas and makes $116,000 a year.' The poor guy looked deeply uncomfortable.”

7. Pulling on Body Hair

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“I've had a few women try to touch my beard and it pisses me off. I'm not old but I grow a nice, thick beard and the amount of people who think it's ok to just touch it is too damn high,” one guy said. “I’ve got a super thick and curly beard and I pull hairs out every day as I comb it and I can say confidently that if a woman intentionally yanked on my beard hair I’d lose it. That being said, it’s also creepy when women walk up to me and grab my arm and move it around to look at my tattoos. It’s equally as creepy when they walk up and touch my beard. Ladies, at least ask if it’s cool before doing these things. Some men, like me, just don’t like being touched unless we know you. So just ask beforehand,” another added.

8. Telling Single Dads They're ‘Doing Great'

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“Not creepy but, when a woman sees a single dad with his kid and feels it's ok to tell them they're ‘doing great.' I get they may feel like they're being supportive or whatever but the stigma behind guys not knowing how to raise a child is infuriating! I have 50/50 custody of my child and she's raised brilliantly by both me and her mum, I can guarantee mum never gets random praises just for walking through a shop with our child though. It's not supportive, it's condescending, please stop,” one guy said.

“A hundred times yes , I have full custody of my daughter and people think it's a miracle I'm able to raise her,” another added.

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9. Asking For Personal Passwords

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“I had one like that. She would throw a giant fit for hours about wanting to see me email accounts for no reason. After hours of her bad behavior I'd show her and let her look all she wanted just to find nothing. This happened multiple times and never got an apology. We broke up and of course she tells me that she was cheating. GL with that abusive woman dude,” one dude said.

Another added, “My wife used to do this all the time. She had a hard time understanding why it made me so incredibly uncomfortable. I'm grateful that she eventually came around to respecting my boundaries.”

10. Unwanted Physical Contact

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“Unwanted physical contact. Was out to dinner with a bunch of friends (coincidentally, they were all women), and the waitress was hitting on me, which involved obvious compliments (which I don't care about) and putting her hands all over my shoulders and upper chest. We all had a laugh about it after, but I was seriously weirded out by it, and were the genders reversed I guarantee no one would have been laughing about it,” one guy shared.

“As a gay guy, women seem to think that it's okay to touch me (in a general way) and sometimes even in a more inappropriate way. Lady, I don't know who you are, I don't care who you are, sure we had a nice brief conversation but don't touch me. Don't wrap your hands around my leg so you can gawk at the size of my legs, don't squeeze my pec, or think that I want a hug despite never having met you before. I am avoiding physical contact not only to be respectful of your boundaries, but because I also have boundaries I don't want you to violate. Consent works both ways, always. Don't. Touch. Me,” another guy said.

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