10 Things That Men Have to Do That Give Them Anxiety

Men on Reddit were asked what they wished they could do without being judged. Here are the top 10 responses.

1. Adjust Themselves

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One man says, “I'm not trying to come off as vulgar, but sometimes a man need to adjust themselves. Things get uncomfortable, and walking away to a private spot is not always possible. So it's a more at the moment, needs to adjust now kind of thing.”

2. Interact With Children

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“I love kids. Maybe I have a higher maternal instinct, I don't know, but I love playing with kids, hearing them laugh, and playing with babies' toes.” One man explained. “But it seems unacceptable to get all gushy over strangers, baby. It's completely normal for a woman to do it; why can't I?”

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3. Express Their Feelings

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One man replied, “Women say they want a man who can cry and express himself, but even then, sometimes we get made fun of or called a sissy. What's worse though is other men. We make fun of others for being “too girly” or overly sensitive.”

“I enjoy a good romantic comedy,” confessed one user. “My girlfriend thinks I don't. I play it off as I don't, but secretly, I want to watch them.”

4. Bake

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One man says, “I love to cook, especially bake. But some of my male friends joke that it's women's work or call my female names. I should be allowed to cook and bake without being degraded for it.”

5. Wear Makeup or Groom Themselves

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“Everyone should be able to put sparkles on their skin if they want to!” one man proclaimed. “It is becoming more normal to see a man with nail polish, but even still, that is considered feminine.”

Another user comments, “The most we can do is dye our hair, but even eyebrow grooming seems unmanly. We have pores and blemishes we'd like to hide too.”

6. Wear Whatever Color(s) They Want

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One user explains how he likes to wear colorful clothing, “I look great in purple and pink. I have a great skin tone for those colors. But I get teased when I wear a purple shirt under my black suit. I'm wearing a girly color and or called a derogatory term.”

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7. Hug Their Friends

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“My dad would always joke about how guys hug, and the tapping men do when they do hug.” a user explained. “His joke was rather offensive, but I always wondered, why is it not OK for a man to hug another man?”

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“As a woman, I am expected to be open and willing to hug everyone, including strangers, but two men who are friends or related, it's an awkward exchange they can be ridiculed for.”

8. Drink Pretty Cocktails

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One man admitted, “I like fruity drinks like Mai Tais, Bahama Mamas, etc. They are delicious, and I don't care that they are colorful and come with an umbrella. But I would never order one in front of my guy friends because it's not socially acceptable for my beer-drinking friends.”

9. Brag

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One man says, “I want to be able to brag about an achievement without sounding like I am saying I'm better than you. So when I do something I am proud of, I want to be able to tell people about it, and them be happy for me, genuinely happy.”

10. Talk About Their Mental Health

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One man commented, “We all have mental health issues, whether depression, anxiety, etc. But men are revered as being the strong ones. We're the rocks to be leaned upon, the shoulder to cry on, and if we're depressed, who do we get to lean on?”

Another user replied, “When you're in a committed, loving relationship, you have your partner to lean on. But when you're single, you can't call a guy friend over to “cry it out.” And we have to pay for someone to hear our troubles.”

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