Thrifty Tactics: 10 People Share Hacks For Saving Money

In the current era, the life of humans has become much more complex. People have developed habits that are not cheap. Some people try to change these bad habits with good ones that can save money. On an online platform, people shared their statements about how to save money by changing their life routines.

1. Using the Internet Instead of Paid Courses

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One commentator shared his life experience of saving money. He said that he was attending the paid course of Bathe King, which costs too much. Then he shifts this course to free YouTube videos. According to him, this change not only saves him money, of course, but also for traveling. This was also a time-saving act. The learning was more efficient as compared to the paid online physical course.

2. Drinking Water Instead of Soda

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A girl admits she was gaining weight daily; her favorite drink was soda. She used to take soda with every meal. Soon she needs to see a doctor due to her health concerns. The doctor suggested he cut off the soda from her life. She did so and started drinking water to replace soda. She claimed this saved her a lot of money and gave her a shaped body.

3.Buying 500GM Instead of 1000GM

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One housewife lady, a mother of 4 kids, shared her super-worthy hack to save money. She said that whenever she does grocery, she buys a small packet of everything. Despite the fact, they needed larger packages, as they were a family of 6. In this way, the family learns how to use things wisely. And the kids develop the habit of listening; no, it is not available. According to her, it saves a lot of money while doing grocery.

4. Riding a Bike Instead of a Car

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Two young brothers from somewhere stated they owned a car and a bicycle. But they also have to save the money. So they use the vehicle in a very need. Otherwise, they both use bikes. If one is on a ride, the other brother waits. They claimed that by doing this, they save $500 per week. This not only saves money but is also a pocket-friendly act.

5. Rent a Dress Instead of Buying

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Wedding dresses are usually too much costly. Buying such an expensive dress for one-time wear is not a wise idea. One lady shares that she rented a luxury white dress at her wedding and returned it after the wedding. She claimed that by doing this, she saved approximately $1600. And learning from her wise act, her friends and family will follow her to save money.

6. Green Meal Instead of Junk

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A millennial-age couple shared their life-changing habit. They said that they were overweight. They promise each other to lose weight and have a healthy and long life. For this, they cut junk food and shifted to green vegetables. They shared that it saved a lot of money. The one-time junk meal can buy three green meals. 

7. Use Local Instead of Brand

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Anyone who wants to save money must shift his priorities from brand to local. One family said they started buying local clothes, foodstuffs, and home accessories. Before that, they were using branded things. They shared that the quality of the local products is precisely the same as the branded products. And this change saves them $2000 per year.

8. Recycling Instead of Purchasing

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To save money, recycling is the best practice. An old lady says that she follows this rule throughout her life. She recycles things like old bottles, jam jars, torn clothes, and papers. This was an economic change in her life. And when she started this hack, she started saving money in her bank.

9. Running Instead of Joining Gym

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People go to the gym to get their body in shape. Gym memberships and registration fees are so high. Not everyone can afford all this. One bodybuilder boy mentions that running is an alternative to the gym. It is a healthier activity compared to the gym as it allows us to breathe in natural air. He claimed that he saved a lot of money from this change.

10. Natural Dry Instead of Blow Dry

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One beauty salon owner shares that she suggests her clients dry their hair with time. The use of a blow dryer is very damaging to hair. It also takes a lot of electricity units. To save this, one should use natural means.

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