10 Common Addictions We’ve Accepted as Normal

Everything in excess is bad. When a thing is used too much or out of limit, it becomes an addiction. And addiction in any form is harmful to human beings. Here are some addictive things shared by people on an online platform.

1. Internet Addiction

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The Internet is the mean of getting information and getting close to the world. But some people have considered it as only to kill time. Watching all-time videos, playing short reels, and making phone calls for many hours is the wrong use of the Internet. Not hours, but people spend a whole day on the Internet without knowing the time. This addiction is very bad for health.

2. Social Media Addiction

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Social media is another addiction that is not normal, but society has accepted it. The social media craze is increasing day by day. And there is no gender discrimination in this addiction. Both gender love to create accounts on all social media apps and do their best to keep them updated and increase followers. In this, they do not enjoy real life.

3. Junk Food Addiction

Woman eating burger
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Food is created to live, but nowadays, people are living to eat food. Fries, pizza, cheese-injected burgers, and street food are getting in daily meals. The new generation is addicted to this poison and considered bold, modern, and rich. But in reality, this addiction is equal to drug abuse.

4. Coffee and Tea Addiction

Woman using Coffee Vending Machine
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The use of coffee and tea has increased threefold. In old age, these two things were presented to only guests. But now people are addicted to these drinks. For example, it is common to witness that many people are addicted to tea or coffee and do not start their day without these drinks. 

5. Addiction To Posting Everything Everywhere

Man smiling at coffee shop
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People are getting addicted to capture each and everything. Instead of enjoying the real and live moments, they love to capture them on phones and watch them later. And not only this, they upload these pictures everywhere. This includes pictures of food, fashion, shopping, and traveling. This sharing of pictures is no less than addiction.

6. Online Friends Addiction

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Friends are ones with whom one can believe or share everything. Believing and sharing things with online friends is insane. And one commentator said making online friends is totally illogical. In past times it was not acceptable, but now it is getting in trend. Having online friends is a perk of this new generation. And this can be harmful.

7. Shopping Addiction

Beautiful Woman shopping looking over shoulder with bag.
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Shopping is another thing which people are getting used to. Shopping or purchasing is a thing that must be done on the basis of need. But nowadays people have cravings for going on shopping. They want to satisfy their money-spending urge. In this way, they get content to upload on social media platforms.

8. Working Addiction

Happy Woman at Work Relaxed at Desk
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Work addiction is also bad for health. This addiction means thinking about work every time. And doing office work even at home. It also includes prioritizing work over food and sleep. This addiction can destroy health and mental state. 

9. Video Games Addiction

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This is a very common thing that people of the current time have accepted. Newborn babies are provided with screen time and video games. The young and teenage generation is more addicted to video games. These games make the player addicted to them. And whenever these games are not provided, it increases the depression level in them. Adults are also victims of these addictions.

10. Aesthetic Addiction

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Looking beautiful is right for everyone. But doing every illogical and insane thing to look pretty has no reason. People are getting crazy day by day about their looks. Men and women are both included in this addiction. They do plastic surgeries, Botox, lip fillers, and whitening drips and injections for this. All these procedures need a lot of money. And people do spend large amounts to look more beautiful than others.

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