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  • 40 Scary Facts About Retirement
    The traditional path to retirement was to put away a certain amount of personal savings, build a retirement fund — often with the help of an employer — and transition smoothly into the golden years of leisure and travel. But retirement finances have undergone a rapid evolution, accelerated by larger economic trends and the disruptions … Read More
  • 25 Alternative Investments You Should Know About
    Traditional investments include publicly traded stocks, bonds and cash–funds that include a mix of the three. These investments typically appear in your workplace 401(k) plan and are most common in the portfolios of retail investors. Alternative investments are other asset classes that may add diversity to a portfolio. Common alternative investments include gold, art, and … Read More
  • The ‘Double Trouble’ Making Homes So Unaffordable
    “One of the first things we do with first-time homebuyers is to ask them: ‘What have you heard about the current state of the real estate market?’” says Sarah Knight, a broker at Windermere Real Estate in Spokane, Washington. “We try not to discourage them, but we make it clear right up front that it’s competitive … Read More
  • 10 Smart Money Moves to Make With Your Tax Refund
    Every year, you look forward to getting your tax refund after filing. Typically, the average refund is around $3,000, depending on the state in which you reside. For example, in Texas, residents received an average refund of $3,191 in 2019, and in New Jersey, residents received an average of $2,848. A tax refund can be … Read More
  • How to Eat Healthy and Be Happy
    It's no secret that eating healthy is essential for your physical health, but many people don't realize that it's also necessary for your mental health. Eating healthy foods helps nourish your body and mind, making you feel happier and more content.  This article will discuss 20 tips about how to eat healthy and be happy. … Read More
  • 20 of the Best Things to Do In Austin, TX
    The city of Austin in central Texas is one of the best places to visit in the United States. It's world-renowned for its music scene, hosting festivals such as Austin City Limits Music Festival and boasting over 250 live music venues. There's far more to Austin than the live music. Here are 20 of the … Read More
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    There are plenty of things to do in Charlotte, North Carolina. This city is located close to the South Carolina border and serviced by a major international airport. This city will delight you with a breadth of activities from adventure to sporting events, great food experiences, and museums. Whether you’re there for a day, a … Read More
  • How To Fall Asleep Fast: 10 Tips To Get the Best Night's Sleep
    So many people are sleep-deprived, over-caffeinated, and burnt out. Insomnia or sleep deprivation contributes to MANY different health concerns, including an increased risk for cancer, heart disease, depression, anxiety, stroke, diabetes, etc. According to the CDC, individuals receiving less than 8 hours of sleep per night increase their risk for severe health conditions by as … Read More
  • 20 spring recipes for healthy, seasonal eating
    When food is in season, it’s filled with good-for-you nutrition as well a maximum flavor. We all know the flavor of biting into a freshly picked strawberry in summer. The flavor is amazing! So here are some recipes to try that include foods that are in season for spring! 20 spring recipes for healthy, seasonal … Read More
  • 10 Cooking Tips for Beginners
    Cooking at home can be intimidating if you are new to it, but with my best top tips, you will have confidence in the kitchen to become a great home cook. The more you know, the more you will enjoy your time in the kitchen! 10 Cooking Tips for Beginners 1. Invest in the right … Read More
  • 7 Expert Tips for Making Money on TikTok
    Are you a creative person with a talent for making videos? Are you looking for ways to make extra money? If so, you should consider monetizing your skills on your TikTok account. Here are seven different ways to try. 7 Expert Tips for Making Money on TikTok The TikTok Creator FundLive Steam DonationsBrand SponsorshipsManage InfluencersPromote … Read More
  • 9 ways to make sure you’re really ready for retirement
    Preparing for retirement is such an essential endeavor for anyone. In America, only 50% of people calculate how much money they should save for retirement, while in 2020 only a quarter of all workers in the private sector with access to a 401(k) plan indeed contributed. Retirement marks a transcendental moment in a person’s life and a … Read More
  • How to Get A Kitchen Appliance Loan
    Appliance loans can cover the cost of kitchen appliances. These appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, microwaves and stovetops, can individually cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. To help pay for these expenses, consumers may consider a variety of appliance financing options. Personal loans, credit cards, home equity loans, personal lines of credit and in-store financing … Read More
  • How to Make Money as a Teen: Here Are 15 of the Best Ways
    There are plenty of reasons for a teen to have a job. Earning money can be an empowering experience that gets you ready for adulthood. You learn time and money management skills from the relative safety of still living at home. You can use what you earn to save for later expenses like college. Then … Read More
  • Travel Planning: 23 Creative Self-Care Tips To Reduce Anxiety
    While traveling in and of itself could very well be a form of self-care, there are a few ways to avoid burnout, reduce anxiety, and navigate self-care while you're travel planning and after you're settled at your final destination. Travel Planning: 23 Creative Self-Care Tips To Reduce Anxiety Plan Your Traveling Self-Care In AdvanceSet Yourself … Read More
  • 24 Passive Income Ideas to Build Wealth on Autopilot
    Earning money while you're sleeping is incredibly appealing. But just what exactly is passive income? For many, making money is tied to the idea that you are actively working. With passive income, there is still an investment made (either in time, money, or both), but the work gets done initially, and then that investment starts … Read More
  • How To Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes
    How To Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes Dark Circles Under the EyesWhat Causes Dark Circles Under the Eyes?GeneticsFatigueOverexposure of SunAgeDehydrationEye StrainAllergiesUnderlying Medical ConditionHow To Get Rid of Dark Circles Under the EyesHome RemediesMedical TreatmentsHow To Prevent Dark Circles Under the EyesProtect the Eyes From the SunReduce Alcohol and Stop SmokingReduce Stress and … Read More
  • 10 ways to make your paycheck go further
    Financial stress holds many Americans back from achieving career goals and, in turn, life goals. But there are often overlooked ways employers may help. After a probationary period at work, a lot of U.S. workers forget what benefits their HR director mentioned during the onboarding process. Interestingly, most American workers want some kind of financial … Read More
  • Why Social Security Timing Isn’t About Maximizing Lifetime Benefits
    Social Security is a critical part of making retirement even somewhat affordable for many Americans. According to, Social Security can replace over half of career-average wages for low-income Americans, and about 40% for middle-income Americans. By the time you reach the maximum Social-Security-taxable income, benefits replace just over a quarter of your career-average income. … Read More
  • How to Maximize Your Spouse’s Social Security Benefits
    Social Security benefit rules seem to be designed for maximum complexity and confusion. With multiple benefits, requirements, and amounts depending on specific scenarios, it’s impossible to cover all of it in one go. Since the information on leaves something to be desired, here’s how to maximize your spouse’s benefits. How to Maximize Your Spouse’s … Read More
  • 3 money tips from experts who survived the ‘Great Inflation’
    Remember the 1980s? Blondie was at the top of the charts, the mystery of Luke Skywalker’s paternity was solved, and inflation was even worse than it is today. The consumer price index, a measure of inflation, increased by an average of over 10% for two years straight in 1980 and 1981. Compare that to January, when … Read More
  • Best Questions to Ask a Girl: 91 Ideas
    Whether you're out on a date, walking home from school together, or hanging out in your backyard, you need to know the best questions to ask a girl. Girls love attention and exciting conversations, and your role is to make it happen.  The best questions to ask a girl must be fun, relatable, and inspire … Read More
  • Yes, wine NFTs are a thing. Here’s why they’re ‘buzz’ worthy
    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) mean different things to different people, and that’s part of their inherent buzz-worthiness. Essentially, NFTs are designed to be fraud-proof digital certificates of ownership and authenticity, held on the block chain. But in practice, they can be attached to anything from the esoteric and abstract (digital perfume, or a symphony of farts, for … Read More
  • The IRS says your tax refund may be late this year. Here’s how to get it ASAP
    The IRS is warning taxpayers to prepare for another year of tax refund delays. The agency says the best way to prevent a refund delay is filing an accurate tax return electronically as early as possible. The IRS is promising to send tax refunds in fewer than 21 calendar days if you file online and choose direct deposit, but … Read More
  • Does filing your own taxes really save money?
    Just as soon as New Year’s celebrations wind down, American taxpayers begin their annual scramble to track down receipts, W2 forms and 1099 forms in anticipation of the annual April 15 income tax filing deadline. While for some taxpayers it may be as simple as filing a 1040-EZ and getting a nice little refund, for others, the … Read More
  • Best Types of Ducks for Meat: Homesteading 101
    Raising ducks for meat is a popular choice when it comes to homesteading. There are many different meat ducks, but some breeds are better than others. This article will discuss the best types of ducks for meat for your homestead. Best Types of Ducks for Meat: Homesteading 101 What Qualities Are Important in a Meat … Read More
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    When most people think of homesteading, they think of chickens. Ducks can be useful on a homestead as well. Many different duck breeds would be perfect for beginners.  Here are the top 10 duck breeds for beginners. Top 10 Duck Breeds for Beginners: Homesteading 101 Why Are Ducks Good for Homesteading?Wild Ducks vs. Domestic Duck … Read More
  • Budget Challenge: Are You Ready?
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  • 20 Fun Things To Do in Las Vegas
    The Entertainment Capital of the World can be pretty overwhelming for the first-timer. Award-winning performances, nightclubs, amusement parks, art exhibits, concerts, magic shows, aquariums, circuses, outdoor adventures, and gambling only touch the surface when it comes to your options. Where do you even start with so many things to do in Las Vegas? While the … Read More
  • How to Make Rose Water at Home 3 Ways – Easy DIY Homemade Recipes
    While most people recognize the beauty in an expensive bouquet of beautiful roses, they have much more potential than sitting around our home in vases. Rose water has seemingly unlimited uses and learning how to make it at home will give your wilted roses a new purpose and save you money! Making your DIY rose … Read More
  • The Best 10 California National Parks to Visit This Summer
    California's National Parks are home to some of the most iconic outdoor landscapes. Out-of-this-world scenery, panoramic views, and beautiful natural formations attract adventurers spanning the globe. There’s never been a better time to plan a California National Parks road trip with travel prices soaring. Save on airfare, get away from the city, and hit the … Read More
  • The Best Pet-friendly Hotels in Each State
    The US is home to many pet-friendly hotels that welcome your furry friend with open arms. There are a variety of pet-friendly hotels to choose from, whether you are looking for a luxurious resort or a more affordable option. This blog post will discuss some of the best pet-friendly hotels in the country and what … Read More
  • Ashwagandha Benefits: 9 of the Best To Reduce Stress, Build Endurance & Get Better Sleep
    Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is an Indian herb (Indian Ginseng) known for its adaptogenic benefits; it is a valuable part of Ayurvedic Medicine. (Singh et al., 2011) You'll find it in stress or adrenal supplements or used as a standalone herb. Many ashwagandha benefits help heal the body and work together to regulate your natural body … Read More
  • The Best Packing List For International Travel: Summer 2022
    There are certain items to always take with you when it comes to travel, no matter where you go. Unfortunately, things usually get forgotten or lost in translation when it's time to start packing. I've found that using a master packing list of must-haves helps me remember the important stuff, and then everything outside that … Read More
  • Free Money Grants vs. Small Business Loans: What Option Is Best For You?
    Being a small business owner is not the easiest way to earn a living, but it can be gratifying! Both new and established businesses go through transitions of growth and difficulty. You can look at various options for funding that will provide the money you need to continue and improve your business. You must understand … Read More
  • 7 Best Blockchain Stocks to Invest in the Future
    While cryptocurrency prices have recently cooled, blockchain stocks remain hot. Bitcoin is hovering around $40,000, down 40% from its all-time high set in November 2021. However, Bitcoin's underlying technology continues to make inroads, with disruptive fintech companies launching seemingly every day and even stodgy blue-chip companies like Walmart and General Motors taking an interest. Many … Read More
  • How to Make Money Online For Beginners: 11 Easy Ways
    The internet presents employees with a dream scenario: the ability to make money from anywhere, at any time. For many people, though, this remains an elusive concept. After all, just 30 years ago, the internet didn’t even exist! If you had a job, you went to the office. The idea you could earn a living … Read More
  • Hip Thrusts: How To, Benefits, and Common Mistakes
    If toned, strong glutes are your aim, then not only should glute bridges be a staple in your workout routine, but hip thrusts should be too.  There’s little difference between the glute bridge and hip thrusts. In essence, hip thrusts are glute bridges with weight, with a slight alteration in form, but I’ll cover that … Read More
  • Cutting these monthly expenses could pay for a family vacation
    There’s that family vacation we all are dreaming of. But between sky-high childcare payments, increasing gas prices, higher food costs and a never-ending pile of bills, how can you afford it? Well, what if I told you that with just three realistic changes to your everyday spending that family vacation to a beach or other destination can … Read More
  • Mining Cryptocurrency – Is It Profitable in 2022?
    Mining cryptocurrency has its similarities and differences with mining for gold. It might be the new age equivalent of being a gold miner, but a crypto mine looks much different than a gold mine. There is a whole emerging industry dedicated to mining cryptocurrency. Why is that, what is crypto mining, and how do you … Read More
  • 3 Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in for Risk-Takers
    By now, most investors have probably heard about cryptocurrencies.  Cryptocurrencies are pervasive in news headlines as an asset to invest in for the future. The hoopla surrounding cryptocurrencies makes it difficult for investors to distinguish between investments, and to know which cryptocurrencies to invest in. Like any new investment, there will be survivors and ones … Read More
  • How to Make Money on Instagram in 2022: Step-by-Step Guide
    When most people open Instagram on their smartphones, they see an opportunity to post pictures of their weekend activities, #selfies with their #besties, and images of the delicious meal they had for dinner. Many more see a chance to check up on their favorite celebrities and connect with the brands they love. Others, though, see … Read More
  • Homeschool Your Kids: 10 Reasons You Should
    Twenty years ago, homeschooling was not nearly popular as it is now. Most people didn't think it was a good idea and thought only weird families homeschooled their kids. Look how far we've come.  Today, the number of families choosing to homeschool is increasing every year.  Many parents are subscribing to home education, looking to … Read More
  • The safest city in every state
    Many people assume that small cities and towns are safer than big cities. MoneyGeek sought to test that assumption. Lining up the data for large and small cities, we found that small cities and towns do tend to be safer than large cities. However, the distribution of crime costs also shows a significant overlap between … Read More
  • 20 Best Chicken Breeds for Beginners
    Are you thinking about getting chickens for your backyard homestead? If so, you may be wondering which chicken breeds are the best for beginners.  There are many different chicken breeds out there, and each one has its unique characteristics.  This article will discuss 20 of the best chicken breeds for beginners. 20 Best Chicken Breeds … Read More
  • These are America’s 25 safest small towns
    After two years of upheaval due to the pandemic, politics and social unrest, many Americans crave normalcy in 2022. Many Americans fled — or dreamt of fleeing — large cities during COVID-19 surges. Seeking respite in America’s smaller cities and towns has its appeal, but how much safer are small towns in reality? To test … Read More
  • The highest-paying jobs in every state
    It’s no surprise that where you live can greatly impact your salary. But if you’re looking to increase your pay and don’t want to leave your state, a career change may be a better option. In fact, so many Americans started leaving their jobs halfway through 2021 that analysts started dubbing this period of mass … Read More
  • This is what people in their 90s regret most
    My preconceptions about older people first began to crumble when one of my congregants, a woman in her 80s, came into my office seeking pastoral care. It is a strange and wonderful feature of my job that I get to be a confidant and advisor to people at all stages of life. She had been … Read More
  • Employer-sponsored retirement plans: What you need to know
    If you’re an employee, you know that saving for retirement can be a challenge. Saving money is difficult, especially if you aren’t sure where to place it to grow.  The National Retirement Risk Index revealed that 50% of Americans are at risk of struggling to afford the cost of living after retirement. One option for retirement savings is an … Read More
  • What is a fiduciary?
    A fiduciary is someone who has the responsibility of managing, holding or administering money or property for another person, known as the principal. Fiduciaries are responsible for the integrity of what is entrusted to them and are held accountable to those they serve under this duty. Fiduciary duty is a legal obligation, and those who … Read More
  • Top 10 Travel Trailer Brands of 2022
    When it comes to travel trailers, there are a lot of different brands on the market. This article will discuss 10 of the best travel trailer brands on the market today.  We will describe the features of each brand and give our top pick for the best product. So whether you need space for two … Read More
  • 7 Best Whiskeys for 2022
    There once was one big release period in the fall, but it seems nobody’s holding back their bourbon-soaked bounty for that anymore. So, let’s take a look at some of the latest crop looking for a little sunshine and sipping. 7 Best Whiskeys for 2022 1. Angel’s Envy Rye Whiskey Finished In Ice Cider Casks2. … Read More
  • Don’t Pay Off Your Mortgage Early: 7 Reasons
    Paying off your mortgage has been a monumental goal for decades now. But is it the right thing to do in the 21st century? Read on to find out 7 reasons not to pay off your mortgage early.  Don’t Pay Off Your Mortgage Early: 7 Reasons Debt Is Not Always BadReason #1: You Can Get … Read More
  • 43 hidden costs of homeownership to avoid
    For most prospective homeowners, it can seem like all the costs and stresses of house hunting come at the front end: Saving up enough cash for a down payment, finding a real estate agent who can use the market to your advantage, comparison shopping for the real estate company with the lowest commission, and deciding between innovative … Read More
  • How to Find a Cheap Cruise
    For the millions of people out there who love hitting the seven seas, figuring out how to book a cheap cruise is like the holy grail of vacationing, even among people who really pride themselves in knowing how to find travel deals. But finding out how to get the best deals on cruises has been almost … Read More
  • Grocery Buying Guide for Eating Clean
    When you’re learning how to eat clean, you may not know how to shop for clean foods. This clean eating shopping list for beginners will help you! Keep in mind that this clean eating grocery list, or list of non-processed foods, is based on the foods that are available in my area, so you may … Read More
  • How to Set a Goal (and accomplish it) 25 Strategies
    The key to achieving success is setting goals. Goals are what motivate us and push us to be the best version of ourselves. It's not enough. You must also know how to set a goal you’ll actually accomplish.  Here are 25 strategies for goal-setting success.  How to Set a Goal (and accomplish it) 25 Strategies … Read More
  • Term Life Insurance in Your 20s: Should You Buy it?
    Term life insurance provides many benefits for people in their 20s. Even if you don’t have any dependents, several other reasons to have life insurance.  Here are ten reasons you should consider buying term life insurance in your 20s.  Term Life Insurance in Your 20s: Should You Buy it? Term Life Insurance vs. Permanent Life … Read More
  • How to Freeze Fresh Herbs
    We’ve all done it: A recipe calls for parsley, we use a few stems and let the rest molder in the crisper. There is a better way! Can you freeze herbs? Absolutely. Learn how to freeze fresh herbs and stop wasting the bounty from your garden or even the grocery store. How to Freeze Fresh … Read More
  • What is Blockchain Technology?
    By now, almost everyone has heard of the term cryptocurrency. You may have even considered investing in it. Moreover, a common term you’ve probably heard several times in the past few months is blockchain technology. What is blockchain technology? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Even though blockchain technology has been around for more than a … Read More
  • 155 Uplifting Self-Care Quotes for Mental Health
    Self-care is one of the most important things you can do in your daily routine to maximize your inner peace, increase your confidence and productivity, and improve your relationships. Still, as with so many aspects of life, it can be easier said than done. Using positive quotes helps you remember to make caring for yourself … Read More
  • How a Growth Mindset Can Increase Your Wealth
    Imagine a world where there was a recipe you could follow to get rich. What ingredients do you think would feature in it? A high-paying job? A diversified investment portfolio? Disciplined saving? No arguments there! Each of those elements can undoubtedly play a role in the bid for financial success. But something else is even … Read More
  • Business Travel Tips You Don't Want to Miss
    Business travel in the last few years has taken a back seat. With the increase in virtual meetings and online conferences, the need for traveling for business was pretty much eliminated. However, as we start to move out of the pandemic and things go back to normal, there will likely be some return to travel … Read More
  • Travel Workout Equipment: 10 Best Choices
    It’s fair to say that most people are at their happiest when their mental, physical, and emotional health is well balanced. Yet, this is easier said than done and can be challenging to put into practice, especially when you spend a lot of time traveling as health and fitness become less and less of a … Read More
  • The Benefits and Downsides of Homeschooling
    The concept of homeschooling is not new; it has been around for a very long time. However, there has been a surge in homeschoolers and the diversity of people adopting the practice in the last two decades.  One study found that homeschoolers have doubled since 1999, reaching 1.8 million in 2016. That's a lot! The … Read More
  • How to Dispute a Credit Report Error
    If you’re trying to build your credit score, the responsible thing is to check your official credit report regularly. A mistake on your credit report can lead to bad credit, even if you’ve been a responsible spender. Keeping up with your credit report is vital. Mistakes are more common than you might think. A study … Read More
  • Avoid Credit Card Debt: Step-by-Step Guide
    Did you know that the average U.S family carries over $5000 of credit debt? That's a lot of money to be spending on interest payments. The good news is that there are many ways to avoid credit card debt. Here are 20 steps on how to avoid credit card debt. Avoid Credit Card Debt: Step-by-Step … Read More
  • Social Security & retirement: What you need to know
    Social Security is a vital program in the United States that helps retirees and their families financially. So, it’s important to know how Social Security works, as well as how it can help you plan for your retirement and provide an income in your retirement years.  Social Security is a government-run program that provides benefits to retirees, … Read More
  • 9 Hangover remedies that actually work
    We all know what a hangover feels like, but to figure out how to get beyond that keen sense of suffering, it’s important to understand what a hangover is, which, unfortunately, is not easy to do. According to Brian D. Hoefling, author of “Distilled Knowledge: The Science Behind Drinking’s Greatest Myths, Legends, and Unanswered Questions,”  “A hangover … Read More
  • How to Make An Extra $500 Every Month: 40 Ideas
    With the great resignation and many out of work, finding ways to make more income is necessary.  Here are 40 ways to make an extra $500 every month.  How to Make An Extra $500 Every Month: 40 Ideas 1. Work As A Virtual Assistant2. Work As A Virtual Accountant3. Take Online Surveys4. Become a Tutor5. … Read More
  • 10 ways to get soaring high airline miles
    If you’re planning to travel soon, airline miles are an easy way to cut travel costs or earn free flights for your next adventure. Having a solid travel rewards credit card can help you get miles for flights and earn other valuable rewards that you can apply to your next trip. Many airlines offer co-branded … Read More
  • 25 best US cities for working women
    Washington, D.C., sits atop the best places for working women for the fourth time in a row. MagnifyMoney researchers examined eight factors across the 50 largest U.S. metros relevant to women achieving financial and professional success. While some metros like D.C. maintained their positions, others like Riverside, Calif., have dropped. 25 best US cities for … Read More
  • Running Errands: Follow These 6 Simple Tips to Save Money and Time
    I always wanted to join my mother when she ran errands as a kid. There were so many fun things to do! We used to go grocery shopping, drop off dry cleaning, run to the bank, return books to the library, go to the pharmacy, or pick up a paycheck (when paper checks were still … Read More
  • Surrounded by rude drivers? You probably live in this state
    Everyone appreciates having their own space on the road. Leaving a proper following distance and being courteous with ceding the right of way makes driving both safer and less stressful for everyone involved. Unfortunately, some drivers adhere to these principles less often than they should, which can lead to serious consequences. Rude driving behavior — … Read More

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